Fungal Skin & Nail Infection

Fungal skin infection, often referred to as ‘Athletes Foot” or ‘Tinea Pedis”, causes peeling, dryness, redness and itching to the foot. It is a very common condition that is caused by penetration of a fungus that lives on our dead skin, hair and nail cells into our healthy skin cells.


There are various types  of fungi that can cause fungal skin infections, however the most common species is trichophyton rubrum.



Risk Factors for Development of Fungal Skin Infections:

  • Contact with a moist environment
    • Floors of public areas such as swimming pools and locker rooms
    • Prolonged periods of wear of non-breathable footwear and socks



Fungal nail infection, or onychomycosis, causes discoloration, thickening and disfiguration of the nails. They may also become friable and brittle.



Risk factors for development of a fungal nail infection:

  • Recent trauma to the nail
  • Diabetes
  • Immune disorders
  • Fungal skin infection